Show up. 100%. As you.
Marketing is not about selling you.
It’s about being you.

Let go of outcomes
they’ll take care of themselves
when you put in the right effort
(which, by the way… should feel effortless)

Clarity first

Starting with reflection, on where things are at, the what’s the why’s, for who etc. And more important: who and how are you in it?

From here, a plan will flow.

Get your essentials right

‘So much to do… ‘ Not really.

You don’t have to do everything. Rather do a few things well and not diffuse your efforts.

Play to your strengths and joys.

Stay real along the way

With clarity and direction, you’ll find that ‘marketing’ comes effortlessly, with fun. We no longer call it marketing…

It’s just you, showing up fully.

From a place of clarity magic happens

Have a play with these key questions below. A process of gaining clarity might happen already while doing it. Enjoy!

All things marketing, I can help with:

  • Strategy and planning (even though nothing ever goes to plan)

  • Social media (genuine! online connection)

  • Website builder (your online home)

  • Put words in certain order so they resonate (= copy writing ;-)

  • Design – be a joy to the eye

  • Branding (easy, as you already are your brand!)

  • The online tool master, such as MailChimp, Survey Monkey, Google’s toolkit, not to forget Keap! and so on…

  • Quality chat – I hear between lines and beyond words

All of Ellen

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All of Ellen

An overview of what else I get up to in life: